Fall Product Sales

Important Fall Sale Dates

October 4 - Pre-orders & Online Sales Sales Begin.

October 21 - Pre-Orders Due

November 2   - Booth Sales Begins

November 24   - Last Day of Fall Sales


General Product Sales Forms

Click on Links below to complete or print

ACH Debit Authorization - Authorizes Council to Retrieve Funds from Troop Account.  Troops must have funds deposited prior to Council "Draft" dates.

ACH Discrepancy Form - Request for Council to Reduce the amount of funds drafted.  Complete top section "ACH Discrepancy Form" plus those section which apply as follows:

  1. Decrease ACH Amount Request - Troop doesn't have funds or Troop Account isn't set up.
  2. ACH Credit Request - Complete when
    1. Check return insufficient funds,
    2. Counterfeit Bills Receive
    3. Cash Deposited/Transaction Fees
  3. Stolen Money or Product
  4. Unpaid Product

Product Complaint Form - Complete when product is returned by customer.

PCI Compliance - Want to accept credit cards?  Must complete training prior to accepting/ordering credit card machine.

Product Sales Activity Checkpoint - Tips for safe and enjoyable booth sales